Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shogun Japanese Buffet @ Sunway Pyramid

During new year time me and my dear plan to go Shogun in Sunway Pyramid to have dinner..

- The food that we took -

- Variety of Sushi -

- Tempura and fried foods -

- Seafood Steamboat -
This seafood steamboat is they served them self and we did not order for it and I not sure did they served it every time.. it quite delicious..and inside there are Vegetable, fish, fish ball, prawn and etc.

- Variety Sushi-

- Vegetable -

this vegetable the cook with different kind of vegetable and onion and "bawang putih" so the smell of this dishes is good and taste good too..^^ is a good one.

- Dessert -

- Fruits -

- Mixed fruit Dessert -

- Ice Cream mix with red bean -

Overall for me in this restaurant is not bad..and there are a lot of other foods but sad to say is we did not capture all the picture..but I remember that day there is quite special is they provide the chicken that make in "da chang jin" drama..the taste is quite nice and special.

Here is the address:
Shogun Japanese Buffet
LG2.119, Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 603-56221831
Fax No.: 603-56221827

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