Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Honeymoon Dessert @ Kepong

After I had saw few advertisement about My Honeymoon Dessert from Magazine, the picture show that the dessert are so delicious and it look awesome and so I decided to go with my Dear to have a try on the dessert and of course I like to eat dessert VERY MUCH! XD

Here we goes!! ^o^

"My Honeymoon~~ Our Dessert Your Honeymoon"

-- Special Crystal pearl / "Yang zi gam lou" --

quite nice for me but still the same it is not the best compare with cheers palace,cheers palace better

Durian pan cake (cold) - how it look like when they serve to you..

--After cut into you can see that the middle part is the Durian ^g^ --

-- closer shoot for the Durian pan cake --

The durian pan cake it not bad, but is not the best for me because I feel that the cream is more than the Durian and I not so fansy on cream..>.<
-- Sweet ball + Sesame Cream (hot) --

Since we did not try sweet ball with Custard flavor so we decided to order this flavor

-- After bite into half..^^ --

For me the sweet ball is nice but the sesame cream doesn't taste as what I expected..

The overall comment from me is quite good...they serve the dessert quite fast and the environment not bad for me, the price some are quite expensive depends on which dessert you pick. Erm..Maybe I will have a second visit one day.

The place near by carrefour and it is at the new shop lots that side. Below is the address:

My Honeymoon Dessert Restaurant
No.141,Jln Rimbuan Raya 1
Laman Rimbuan Kepong,52100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6252 5778
Sun to Thu:12.00pm - 1.00am
Fri to Sat:12.00pm - 2.00am


limcpoo said...

Ya is a good place for dessert BUT...the price quite expensive~~~

ai wei said...

i heard this place's desserts are super expensive ???!!!

Anonymous said...

I had saw their ad from few magazines also,so i decided to try it..
It's Delicous same as what I had before in Hong Kong..
Friend I think the price are reasonable lohhhh....

Anonymous said...

it expensice leh...
pls give some promotion or discount during this festive season, it can help to improve ur sales volume and earning....

limcpoo said...

yaya..I agree also...dessert no bad....but price quite expensive....if get discount or having some promotion then is good...hehe..I will decided to go there again...good for dessert....and good for those who like eat dessert..hehe

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