Friday, May 29, 2009

Melaka Trip @ Historical/Famous Spot @ Food

Yeah!!! here we are...Melaka! I really like Melaka..their famous spot..the building style and the old culture..Wow!!

- Welcome to Melaka-

- Three Wheel car-

Near by here are a lot of STADTHUYS

- A Famosa -

- Yong Chun hui guan -
When walking all the way to Cheng Hoon Teng chinese Temple, we suddenly saw this "yong chun hui guan " the Texture of the building so nice.

- Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple -
This temple got many year history and the texture are time for praying

Lunch Time!!

At first we plan to go this restaurant to try out the chicken rice and I heard my parent say this restaurant quite nice...but who knows long queue...and my dear do not want to wait so we change to another restaurant. This restaurant on right hand side when going into Jonker Street

This is the one we go for of the shop at Jonker street

- The chili sauce-

- Rice Ball-

- White Chicken-
I don't like white chicken..hehe so is a bit bias for me to comment but my dear like it and he say not bad but the roasted chicken taste better.

- Roasted Chicken-
yeah...this 1 not bad..I like this..

Except the chicken rice we still order for the soup and egg..the soup is delicious..but sad to say that we did not take down the photo that time..Overall for me to this restaurant is normal..nothing special and I feel that we can have it in KL.

Dessert Time
After have our chicken rice as our lunch then we go for Cendol..another famous dessert in Melaka. My parent like to go tart & tart to have cendol but that day my dear would like to try on the "San Suk Gong" cendol.

- Menu-
We order the gula Melaka cendol

- Gula Melaka Cendol-
here they served the cendol

- Gula Melaka Cendol -
Erm..for me is ok only because there are few reason 1st is I do not fancy cendol because it full of santa and gula...2nd is they did not really mix out the gula melaka so there still got gula melaka that havent mix out.

Start Walking Jonker street

- Nyonya kuih-
You can see a lot of nyonya kuih selling in melaka

- Bing tong we lou-

- Kampai-
It was so hot over there so me and my dear bought this drinks...quite nice not bad...

- Dim sum-
The dim sum selling in this stall quite cheap..and the taste not bad but of course can't compare with those Dim Sum restaurant..^^

- Waffle hotdog-
hehe..I found this!! I did not try before so we order for it..

- Processing.. -

and here we go..hehe our waffle hotdog..
the taste is quite nice the waffle is crispy and is good to serve in hot! yummy

I found this ..hahaha ...bag?

- Melaka handcraft -
small wood crogs magnet

-Pineapple tart -
This is another famous thing in melaka.. you can find it all the way in Jonker street.. but me and my family like the stall name madam goh really nice..the biscuit, the pineapple all are fresh and nice.

- Jonker street -
the night time of Jonker street

- hair clip-
I feel that is cute...

- hand paint case-
This stall are good 1 ...they hand paint the case and the design you can choose yourself and design yourself... you just need to buy the case and the painting is free of charge.

- Start drawing me and my dear couple case... -

After whole day walk is time to go back hotel...
- Melaka River -
Nice view...

This time trip is not bad but a lot of places we did not take photo sad to said Hoping for another TRIP..hehe...

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