Sunday, May 24, 2009

PAPA JOHN's PIZZA @ Times Square

After we have our shopping then me and my darling started to think where we should have our dinner..we walk around to survey and decide which restaurant we should go for it..And finally we decided to go for this -- Papa John's Pizza!

This is the first time we go for PAPA JOHN's Restaurant, Times Square..hehe..before we decide to go in the restaurant..we keep consider whether delicious or not..expensive or not..nice or not..special or not..hahahahaaaa...after few minute stand infront of the restaurant..finally me and my girlfriend decide to step in and try on it rather keep thinking on it..wakakakaka...

My feedback after try on the pizza in PAPA JOHN's Restaurant is..
  1. The price quite affordable - you may choose to take package or only order 1 pizza..for me, I was order 2Pax Pizza Package with only RM26.90(After charges was RM29.60) It is included 1Big Pizza, 1Dish with 5 peaces roti, and side sources.
  2. The flavor quite different from Pizza Hut and have their own speciality - It got quite many differents flavor to let u choose, which is different from Pizza Hut.
  3. The pizza and sos given was quite tasty - The favourite I order is PAPA Chicken quite different from what I eat at Pizza Hut..and they got their own special sos..When I mix my pizza together with the sos was very tasty and nice..I love it..hehe
  4. Services no bad - the staff there always smile to treat you and happy to serve you.
Overall feedback from me is quite nice and can try on it. No Bad~! Hehehehehe....

-- Garlic + Mayonis Sos --

-- side dish --
it come with the pizza and look like chilli but it does taste like chili..abit sour and spicy

-- Papa Chicken Pizza --
There are many variety and we decided to try on this because the name show us that this is their main pizza..haha.. XD . For me this pizza is really nice, I like it much

-- side dish -- tomato sos
This tomato sos does not taste like those we have outside. It really special and nice. We finished the sos mix together with the bread and pizza. Wow!! awesome!!

-- side dish -- long bread
erm..the bread is quite screwy and it is better to eat when it is hot and serve together with the sos .. >oo<

There are few branches out there,the branch that we visit is at Times Square.

Here the Address:

Papa Joh's Pizza Restaurant
Ground Floor Lot G 07-08,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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