Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tim Pun Kor Kor @ Kepong

Another dessert place...^.^ Tim Pun Kor Kor

- Red Bean soup + Tong yuan (Rm5.50) -

- Inside is black sesame -
Not bad...but nothing special...

- Durian pandan pancake (Rm4.00/pc) -

Too much of cream to me.. but taste quite nice...

- Mango cheong fun (Rm8.00) -

A new type of dessert to me... quite nice and special ..the cheong fun I like it very much... for me when 1st bite is really delicious and nice... but after all it feel abit too much..and geli... abit too sweet..

- Red bean soup + Tau fu hua (Rm 5.00) -

Nice 1.. the tau fu hua is smooth enough and quite nice to serve with read bean..

- Mango lou mi juan -
This is free because I got a coupon which is over Rm20 get this for free..
the taste is not bad but just me and my dear does'nt like it much...

Here is the address:
D-G-6, Jalan Metro Perdana,
Taman Usahwan, Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur

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