Saturday, November 28, 2009

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant

- Green Tea -

- Green Tea with Red Bean - so only...because it taste so plain ...the green tea smell and taste is not strong enough..

- Kimchi Soup -
not bad...but for my dear is too spicy..

I can't remember the name for this dish...
but is recommended by the waitress..quite special the waitress will help to mixed it, the taste quite special

- Egg Pancake -
I like this very much.. yummy... so delicious!!! It serve with a sauce that taste quite got abit sour, salty..

The restaurant environment..

the stove for bbq..

Overall comment for this restaurant is quite good..but services not bad just got some of the waitress is not so friendly..the food is not bad..

Here is the address:
Che Go Korea BBQ
Lt 0B3-LG.2 Sunway Pyramid

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