Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blue Dragon @Cheras

Blue Dragon Thai Food.Cafe.Asian Cuisine the location is location at Cheras business centre is next to Janbo Restaurant that block and the restaurant is besides 7-eleven. Today is my birthday My dear did not tell me what is his plan just told me that we going this restaurant..hehe so I just wait what will happen .. and he told me that this is the top 10 romantic restaurant..hehe
He reserved for a couple set dinner, so all the thing is for 2 person.

- Peanut -

- Ice Lemon Tea -

- Tom Yam Seafood Soup -
They served to us the tom yam soup first and from my dear he said that this is the famous for their restaurant.. It really delicious..Yummy.. Spicy enough and sour enough. The size for this soup is quite big after drink this I really feel full

- Tom yam Seafood Soup -
The ingredient inside.. There are sotong, fish, mushroom and some hong zao

- Tom yam Seafood Soup -

- Pineapple fried rice and other side dishes-
This portion is for two person include those side dishes are all in 2..hehe
The pineapple fried rice is also one of their famous meal.. and I say that is truth because their pineapple fried rice taste is really different from other places. And of course I like pineapple so I like this very much.. ^^... some of the place the rice din not have the taste of pineapple at all but this 1 is different is full of pineapple smell, the rice is smooth (Not sticky) and inside they really include pineapple.

- Pineapple fried rice -

- Tempura Vegetable -
Normal fried vegetable..

- Tempura prawns -
The prawn is fresh and for me the prawn is quite big .

- Chicken wings -
The fried chicken wing taste good like KFC but is abit oily for me.

- Fried potato -

- Blue Berry De Longan-
This Dessert is delicious..the blue berry is nice and it does not mix with water for the blue berry. The dessert is special for me.

- Ice cream banana - birthday of course can't miss out birthday cake to blow candle..but the restaurant said they did not provide cake so ask my dear whether he mind to replace by this ice cream banan... yummy!!.. it nice and sweet hoho XD.

Overall for me having dinner in the restaurant is very good...the environment, the food and the service is nice. Is a good experience to have dinner here.

Here is the address:
60-G & 60-1, Jalan 5/101C, Off Jalan Kaskas,
Taman Cheras, (Commercial Centre),56100 KL
Contact: 03-9132 9255, 03-7877 7736 Fax: 03-7875 5754
Email :

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