Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ SohoKL ( 2nd Visit )

Yeah~~ Tenji Second Visit !! This time there are more foods,drinks and dessert than last time..enjoy much!! Yum Yum Yummy!!

- The front look of Tenji -

- My utensil-
Is quite surprised that when the waitress lead us to our place...It is the same place as we went on 1st time...table No.35!! My dear said is "Yuan fen"

- After took the foods -
haha... hungry ghost here...

- Coconut -
This time the coconut is different with previously.. This one you can eat the coconut meat too..

- Sashimi, scallops and etc- fresh and nice...we have it with wasabi and their soya sauce..Awesome!!

- Japanese tau hu -
This is nice I can the middle I not sure what it is..but it is nice to serve with the tau fu..

- Burger, french fried -
My dear saw this so he plan to order from the western food counter... the burger is delicious..

- Oyster-
We have this with lemon...fresh, nice, big but we found that there is a bit sand inside..
I like to eat this with a lot of lemon juice...

- Variety of Sushi -
This time dear not dare to take so much because he learn the lesson...haha... we still need to eat other things so we only take few..there are a lot of variety from the counter.

- Tau hu -
We like to eat this tau hu.. and this need to place order from the order...
Is a nice 1!!Yum yum!!

- Dim sum -
Is normal...

- Dim sum -

- Dim Sum -
"ha gau".. prawn inside..^o^

- Dim Sum -
"Xiao long bao"..this 1 have to wait for it after u order...and there is soup inside...suck the soup it 1st then only eat the "xiao long bao"...hehe... nice 1!!.. the soup is nice..good taste.

- "hai dai" -
nice.. it mix with some sauce.. I like this.. taste salty and a bit spicy...

- "Zuk shun"-
normal normal... hehe..I prefer chinese style cook for this..

- Crab -
I can say that this crab is not nice and the meat is so little.. I don't like dear too don't like it..

- Fish-
My dear like to eat fish so he wont miss this chance all the time..
the fish need to order 1st and is really fresh and nice!..

- tau hu "gang" -
erm...normal...nothing special on this..

- Octopus -

- half boil egg with soya sauce -

- Western food -
There are pizza, spaghetti, potato wedges, roast chicken and etc from the counter..

- lobster salad -
This 1 really good!!awesome...the meat is so fresh and nice...the taste of the "dragon prawn" can say is fresh and sweet..the original taste of the seafood.

- Thai chicken -

- dragon fruit juice -
erm...for me it is no taste at all..

- fried things -
fried yam, potato, baked mochi, fish ball and salmons fish

- Tempura prawn -
Not bad...

- Soba -
There are 1 different taste of the soba this is ocha another is normal 1 is brown color..

- Tom Yam steamboat -
The ingredient you can pick yourself...there are many kind of thing to let you choose..

- Chocolate stick with fruit -

- "Long yan dessert "-
normal 1...

- Strawberry ice -
the strawberry is fresh 1... and there is another flavor is Mango ice..

- Fruits-

- Ice cream -
A long long queue to get this... >o< - Chocolate pudding -

- The pizza corner -
different kind of pizza for you to choose

- A row with different kind of foods-

- Japanese style corner -
with different kind of sashimi ... ^o^

- Japanese style food -

- Steamboat corner -
there are different thing for you to pick...mee, fish ball, vegetable and etc...

- BBQ live crab -
I saw a lot of people order this but I not dare to order because .... the crab is cook can see that the crab still suffering when it on the BBQ stove...

- Malay style corner -
Tenji is on Ramadan period too.. so there are many Malay style food
rendang chicken, lamb, kuih and etc...

- Dim sum corner -

- Lamb -
The lamb left a bit only because a lot of people grabbing for it...

- Tempura and fried food corner-

- fruit corner -

- Dessert corner -
Pudding and Mochi

- Dessert corner -

Yeah... Here the end of 2nd visit... hehe... Not bad..

Here is the Address:
Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Lot L-01-01, Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
For SMS Reservation: 016-9201899

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