Saturday, August 15, 2009

Restaurant Hoo Jiak BBQ Steamboat Buffet @ Kepong

Today (2009-08-15 Saturday), Me and my Dear actually want to go Kepong to having Steamboat buffet at Happy City..which is found from one of the blog..we going there to have a try..but who know..we can't find the place that we want but what we saw is....Happy City Food Court..which is no related to Steamboat we change plan to go Restoran HOO JIAK which is near to Carrefour and also behind of Honeymoon Dessert Restaurant. Each person around RM19.80++..

This Shop consider new opening. What they provided is Steamboat with Tomyam and Chicken Soup. It also come together with Japanese bbq. In the same time, they have promotion which is 50% discount for those who are birthday.

After reach here, we start find a table, then direct go take our favorite food..hehe..see...until our table no enough to put..

From the photo, you all can see..below is for steamboat and up is for BBQ ^^

Did you found some cute fish ball inside the steamboat??? haha..

This photo all is chicken but with different it include tandoori chicken, bbq chicken, curry chicken, black pepper chicken, satay chicken and so on...wao...many right..? haha...

here is second set of need me say so much all know is what lor..hehe

We Start to BBQ the food..^^

Keep an eyes of the chicken, if not will "Burn"...hehehe..

Here~~~finally can eat lu~~~and hor...this shop also will provided fried chicken and also roaster chicken....

After my I finish bbq...the steamboat already become like that liao...hahha...all Fat fat ady

Other than that, this shop also got fried rice...I just take little to test it..eihhhh..quite nice hor...but when come to cold liao..then no so nice liao...try eat when it is HOT...hehe..

This also finish bbq already lor...hehe...and hor..some is bbq by me...haha...

This is my steamboat food...nice to eat right..??

Dear and me also like to eat sure wont miss out to take vegetable to eat...hehe...

and special is...they provided coklat waterfall...the favorite they provide is green apple and also Dear said I look like professional to make it ya...haha...and I got potential to work as part time here..wahahahaha is the favorite u can use to mix with the coklat....and it also provided us salad..

Nice??? this is tomato mix with coklat that make by me...haha

hehe....this dessert of course.....we wont miss like and dear agree that this ice cream quite fresh and clean...hehe...

haha..After that dear go try to make 1...yoyo....look like nice than me d ler...haha..he think he more potential to be partimer la..haha

This is our Dinner Ending Photo~~~hehe...

Our table is clean...haha..nono..I mean our plate is clean...haha...memang pandai eat ya...also can say is KUAT MAKAN ya...haha...

My overall comment for this shop is...good~! no yet reach to excellent..because some of the steamboat I want does not provided here..hehe..but...environment here feel ok and quite clean...maybe is just new opening...hope they can keep continue like that la...

Here is the Address:
No. 126, Jalan Rimbuan Raya,
Laman Rimbunan Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
H/P: 016-225 7975


Anonymous said...

If you want to be read more widely think about improving your written English. Otherwise,why not just stick to Mandarin?

It's irritating reading your kind of bad English and it sounds like your blog was written by a kid LOL. Just my honest suggestion though you might get mad with me. A lot of people think they can write but the kind of rubbishy English you offer isn't palatable to discerning readers who expect better.

Anonymous said...

your engrish is top of the class.
and your review is so great, it would only appeal to people who are blind or deaf or without tastebuds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all my value customer,the Restoran Hoo Jiak was shut-down.

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