Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pak Hailam Kopitiam @ Sg.Wang

After some incident me and my dear decided to go to this kopitiam to have our dinner....from the outlook of the Kopitiam everything look we move into the kopitiam...

- Menu here -

- Promotion poster -

- Promotion poster -

- Promotion poster -

- Side menu -
Wholemeal Pau with different flavor and price...
After looking through the menu and promotion poster stand.. we decided to order Pak Hailam chicken rice (Set) , curry chicken toast, wholemeal custard pau and red bean.

The Chicken rice is in Set it include rice, chicken, Vegetable, soup and a drink

- Rice -
The portion of the so dear also say that it so small...

- Chicken -
The chicken only got 4 pieces...and it so hard...

- Vegetable -
Normal...nothing much can comment on this...

- Soup -
we don't think that this is soup because it doesn't taste anything..just like a plain water mix with a bit salt...

- Ice Lemon Tea - include in the set meal...

- Curry Chicken (Rm5.90) -
The curry chicken for the toast ...erm...not bad but can't say very nice and delicious...
inside there are 2 pieces of potato and 3 pieces of chicken

- Potato -

- Chicken Meat -

- Toast -
Normal....This toast need to wait for long long time..omg...

- Red Bean Soup (Rm1)-
This is nice...alot of red bean inside..and they cook with the dried orange skin..yummy yummy...
We like the taste and this is the most delicious among the food we order...

- Wholemeal custard pau (Rm1) -
Promotion price just Rm1 for we order and try..
I like this the bread is smooth and soft and custard is nice...good one!! but this too need to wait long time they only will served to you although is already steamed

- Wholemeal custard pau (inner part) -

after finish our dinner...Is time to pay...Total is only cost Rm18.70
- Bill -

Overall is not very satisfied to this kopitiam...because after we ordered...we wait for long long time they don't even serve us drink so don't talk about food....then my dear can't bear with it so he go and ask the waitress...then their replied is... on the way cooking... wait again...then they come with the curry chicken 1st...but they did not come with toast...omg... wait again...then my dear chicken rice come....then the red bean...then the wholemeal custard pau which you can see that is already steamed inside the steamer... after all and wait bread toast only come to me...but the curry chicken already cold...most of the time for dinner just for waiting...

About the food...among the food we ordered... both of us just feel that only the red bead soup and wholemeal custard pau is nice... the chicken rice is too small and the chicken is so hard... then the curry chicken is just normal and acceptable only...
If their service can be improve more I think it should be so bad...

Location is here:
Pak Hailam Kopitiam
Lot C28, Concourse Floor,
Sg.Wang Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
the area previous is Parkson men's department

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Leo Sigh said...

I ate here last week when I was in KL and the service was quite good, but I went around 6pm and the restaurant was very quiet, which could be why.

Overall, I thought the food was average, but the waitress I had was very nice and the iced coffee was delicious. I'd eat here again, just to eat something different.

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