Saturday, September 12, 2009

Auntie Anne's Pretzel @ One Utama

After have a walk and shop for sometimes..Me and my dear feel here goes Auntie Anne's Pretzel.. We order a Combo premium which cost Rm6.90.. it come with a drink and Pretzel and a dip..if you want to have other flavor dips additional charges need to be for it..
The drink you can choose passion fruit or lemonade.

- Drink and pretzel -

- Passion fruit juice -

- Pretzel with caramel dip-
The pretzel is so smooth and soft...and if without dipping the caramel ..the pretzel already got some taste on you can serve it without or with the caramel... and when it dip with the caramel it got different is very hard to explain the taste..but I can say it is awesome!! very very delicious..I like it very Much!!

- Caramel dips -

Nice nice...yummy yummy.. 1st time order Combo set...normally I order those pretzel with different flavor.. good experienced nice 1!! Delicious!!
There are many store locate in other place for One Utama the store locate as below..

Here is the Address:
1-Utama Shopping Complex
G-55, 1-Utama Shopping Complex
Petaling Jaya,47800


ai wei said...

i miss auntie anne a lot. love their chocolate mint flavour of pretzel

limcpoo said...

I almost every Sunday will eat auntie anne..hehe...I most like to eat their green tea flavor..

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