Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4HappySeasons Restaurant @ Wangsa Maju

My friends decided to go 4HappySeasons Restaurant to celebrate one of my friend birthday...
in the restaurant there are 4 different decoration which is Summer,Spring,Winter and Autumn..and and the place we choose to have our dinner is winter...

- Menu~ -
The menu also got different season..lol..after busy choosing the food we want...and here are there served...

- Vanilla Layered with Kiwi and Mango topped with Red Bean RM5.80-

- Sour Plum Jasmine Rm3.80-
Since it is so cold..so I decided to order a hot drinks..not bad..

- Chocolate Layered with Chocolate syrup topped with chocolate pop Rm6.80-

- Ginger Puree with Longan Rm6.80-

- Cappuccino Layered With Chocolate Syrup topped with Coffee Jelly Rm6.80 -

- Stir Fried Vermicelli with Fish sauce Rm9.80-
My friend is a vegetarian so they cook without meat...

- Balinese Grilled Seafood Spaghetti RM 13.80 -

- Balinese Roasted Chicken Spaghetti with lemongrass Rm11.80 -

- Swiss Mushroom Burger RM23.00-

- Grilled chicken With Cheese burger Rm15.00 -
This is mine..it is so big...so I ask my dear to help me to finish it too...overall not bad...

- Season's Special Curry Chicken Noodle Rm9.80 -

- HK Style mix grilled Combo volcano Rice Rm17.00 -
My dear ordered this...not bad..quite special...

- Curry Chicken Volcano Rice Rm15.00 -

Overall for the restaurant...I do not really know every taste of the foods...but all my friends are quite satisfied with their foods here...just the price are a bit pricey...erm..my opinion is if choose to sit winter side...the food you order better is the stone that type which under the winter category...because the place is so cold so the food will go cold fast...and with the stone bowl it can keep the food hot..^^
Their service is not bad...they provide coat too if you need it...

Here is the Location:
4HappySeasons Restaurant

No. 9, Jalan Wangsa Delima,
1A, Section 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03-4142 7171
Fax: +6 03-4142 9480
Operation Hours: 12.00 noon to 12.30 midnight
Email: info@4happyseasons.com

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