Saturday, October 3, 2009

Greenbox Karaoke @ Cheras Selatan

yeah..we got the free 1 pax voucher..and so we are here.. 6.30pm..Cheras Selatan --> Greenbox!!
It is a buffet period during this can eat and sing!!

- Rice, Mee and Spaghetti -

- Spaghetti -
the creamy... >o<... I not really like it... - Fried Rice -
Quite good..

- Variety of dishes --> Vegetable, Chicken, Tau hu, Duck, Cow, Lamb and Fish -
We like the fish and some of the chicken..there are different flavor of chicken there...ex: herbal chicken, tomato chicken and etc...not this kind of places..

- Salad -
I like to eat this kind of salad...not bad...there are a lot there with different style and different flavor..
potato, fish ball, tau bob, vegetable and etc..

- Dumpling-
not bad...of course can't compare with those professional dumpling (sui gao) restaurant..

- Dessert -
quite nice if with a bit of santan or without santan, haha...because my dear add in too much santan...I got a bit geli

- Drinks -
This is kiwi juice with jelly...the jelly you can add in yourself...

- Sprite -

- Carlsberg -
Another voucher for free 1 cup of carlsberg...

- Not really know what it is -
I thought is dragon fruit juice but the taste doesn't taste like dragon fruit...

- Cake -
Yeah...cake...hehe few type of cake there...nice too~~

- Chocolate pie -
A tiny pie...nice nice...we like nice...

- Fruits -

- Ice cream -
Chocolate, strawberry, mint and vanilla!! I like ice cream!!

Here is the Address:
Lot F51 1st floor,
AEON Cheras Selatan
Shopping Center.
Tel: 03 - 9075 7788
Fax: 03 - 9076 6828


ai wei said...

i prefer neway's buffet o... food is nicer :)

Anonymous said...

is it halal ?

Fion Tiong said...

i like to ask any hindi song or nepali song

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